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Saving the world one podcast a time

Our podcast focuses on how we can save it. Hopefully it’s a little bit of fun, little bit inspirational, little bit educational and some awesomeness. We’ll focus on habits, tech and talent that will help us save the world.

Podcast List

This podcast with Joanne Rodriguez ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/greengirlnow/ ) is about using fungi (yes, mushrooms) to upcycle waste materials like drywall or asphalt into higher value products. Joanne is the Founder and CEO of Mycocycle ( https://www.linkedin.com/company/mycocycle/https://mycocycle.com/ ).


The construction industry generates just huge amounts of waste every year. This fills up the landfills and releases more CO2 into the air since new products must replace this waste.


We need a circular economy for construction waste products and that’s what Mycocyle wants to do. Very exciting.


It’s amazing what Joanne and her team are doing with fungi. Listen to this podcast to learn all about it.


We hope you enjoy it.

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This podcast with Jake Moskowitz is all about a large urban renewal project in Miami called The Underline ( https://www.theunderline.org/ ). It’s a massive and fascinating urban renewal project that is focused community, health, fun, climate and innovation. I know. That’s a lot of things. Just listen to hear the details.


Jake Moskowitz ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/jake-moskowitz/ ) is the Chief Innovation Officer at The Underline. So he’s in the middle of helping innovators test out new ideas to help climate change and other important areas at the Underline.


The Underline is certainly a fascinating project that is making a wonderful for space for everyone but also helping to improve the world through innovation.


We hope you enjoy it.

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This podcast is with Hady Abdulhady (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hady-abdulhady/), Director Business Development and Sales at thyssenkrupp Uhde (https://www.thyssenkrupp-uhde.com/). thyssenkrupp Uhde is a massive engineering industrial company that builds large chemical, fertilizer and other plants.


Hady has a deep background in green hydrogen and ammonia technology. And this podcast is different because thyssenkrupp Uhde isn’t a startup but a very large and experienced industrial company. They plan on building these green ammonia and fertilizer plants at a large scale.


Listen to this podcast to learn more about how green ammonia and fertilizer is made. And some of the major challenges to commercialize green ammonia at a huge scale.


We hope you enjoy it.

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